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Cut-resistant gloves

Cut–resistant gloves are those designed to protect the wearer’s hands from cuts while working with sharp tools. Hand protection GLOVES are the necessary PPE for tasks that can damage hands. Proper work gloves provides safety when performing industrial tasks especially sharp objects. Wearing proper hand gloves not only protects your personnel’s hands, these also make work more … Continue reading Cut-resistant gloves →
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My History. Eyevex Safety

EYEVEX from the house of Schefferville Trading LLC believes in sharing our expertise in creating solutions and providing a wide range of personal protective equipment that exceeds the expectations of our consumers.   Schefferville’s ranges of products include the biggest names in the PPE field like (Eyewear, Respirators/Cartridges, Hand protections, Ear protection, First Aid Kits, Lens … Continue reading My History. Eyevex Safety →
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